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Simon Jensen soloing, 2007. Photo: Eva Quirbach. Simon Jensen soloing, 2007.Simon Krarup Jensen was born in Copenhagen in 1973. He started playing the flute at the age of ten and played classical music through his childhood. When he was sixteen he began investigating other types of music. He took courses in jazz theory, improvisation and flute playing. In 1993, he became co-founder of the rock band Patricia Painting: Simon Jensen, Morten Jörgensen, Sören Kjær, Jonas la Cour, Arvid Bro Thuestad Simon on stage with Patricia Painting, a summer night in 1995. On stage with Patricia Painting, 1995. and Rasmus Rørbæk. This group had its golden year in 1995 when the band won a talent competition, got some tunes on a couple of compilation albums, got played on the radio and had a lot of gigs. Patricia Painting was inspired by grunge but also made other types of music, such as the slow song She´s My Friend. During the same period, Simon did several street performances together with a number of young jazz and blues musicians.

GROVJOBB: Landet Leverpastej, Garageland Records, 1998. Landet Leverpastej,
Garageland Records, 1998.

GROVJOBB: Vättarnas Fest, Garageland Records, 2000. Cover design: Hans Arnold. Vättarnas Fest,
Garageland Records, 2000.

GROVJOBB: Under Solen Lyser Solen, Garageland Records, 2001. Under Solen Lyser Solen,
Garageland Records, 2001.
In 1996, Simon moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, and began studying physics at the university. After six months he joined the progressive rock band Grovjobb (the Swedish word for hard work). Simon was the flutist and saxophonist of Grovjobb for five years. During that period they made three albums. The permanent members of Grovjobb were Simon Jensen, Jerry Johansson, Jesper Jarold and Ola Jensen. The music was based on long improvisations, eclectic, as in the sitar tune Under Solen Lyser Solen, and the band mixed rock with traditional folk tunes, as in Eklundapolskan (live with guitarist Kenny Håkansson).

In 1999, the music took over and Simon did not complete his scientific studies. Instead he joined the investigational quintet Någon (the Swedish word for Someone). The members of Någon were Simon Jensen, Erik Fridell, Carl Söderström, Per Fenger-Krog and Joel Gröndahl. They had several party gigs and contributed some tracks to a compilation cd that was released in 2000. Per Fenger-Krog played the piano in Någon (1999 - 2001) as well as in Simon Jensen Band (2004 - 2005). Photo: Martin Holmström. Per Fenger-Krog played the piano and was composing most of the music in Någon (1999 - 2001). He also played piano/keybords and arranged music in Simon Jensen Band (2004 - 2005).The music was amusing, like the circus tune Entré, and popular. But it was difficult for the band members to control the project and the group was disbanded in 2001.

Simon did not do any live performances during the years that followed, but he recorded a number of tunes, such as Running, and was hired as a guest on some albums. He went back to the university and started teaching hardware programming at the university’s department of physics. Besides that, he stayed at home and found inspiration from books about improvisation and non-European folk music traditions. He also revised his knowledge of classical music and developed a new playing technique on the flute. He wrote new tunes and discovered the cold-blooded beauty of blues in 7/8 (which later lead to tunes like Blueberry Soup and That Blues, see below).

By the end of 2003, it was time to move on and Simon left his job as a teacher and went looking for a new project. He met with a lot of innovative musicians and as a result of that, Simon Jensen Band SIMON JENSEN BAND: All You Can Eat, Blue Beat Productions, 2005. All You Can Eat,
Blue Beat Productions, 2005.
was founded in February 2004. The members were Simon Jensen, Per Fenger-Krog, Peter Nilsson and Oskar Bergenheim. A few months later the band signed a deal with the label Blue Beat Productions. The debut All You Can Eat was released in January 2005, with the special guests Sara Wulcan, Anni Egecioglu, Ruhi-Deniz Erdogan, Joel Gröndahl and Erik Fridell. This album is a mix of hard jazz, such as Blueberry Soup, Take Five, Summertime, That Blues and Baghdad 2003, and rock: Minimum and Something with Cheese. Some critics really loved this album, and some did not.

During 2005 Simon taught free improvisation at ABF Göteborg one night every week. He also played solo flute at funerals and weddings and started writing a book on the improvisation subject. The book was not finsihed, but an annual workshop was born: Simon Jensen Band in April 2007. From the left: Jack Andersson, Marcello Musumeci, Simon Jensen, Lars Rosengren and Daniel Jägerholt.Photo: Eva Quirbach. Simon Jensen Band in April 2007. From the left: Jack Andersson, Marcello Musumeci, Simon Jensen, Lars Rosengren and Daniel Jägerholt.Never Ending Improvisation – The Art of Telling Stories with Music. For further info about the workshops, please send an e-mail.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, both the instrumentation and members changed, and Simon Jensen Band existed in various shapes. The band released some tunes on MySpace. The music was a mix of jazz and folk rock, such as Points, Dawn and The Aunt. These tunes are available for download at this website. The five musicians behind this release were Simon Jensen, Jack Andersson, Daniel Jägerholt, Marcello Musumeci and Lars Rosengren. In the same period, Simon also tried a new genre and had some gigs with a local reggae band.

Producer and musician Björn Nyberg, 2009. Photo: Anders Olofsson. Producer and musician Björn Nyberg, 2009.In 2007 Simon did some recording jobs together with the producer and electronic musician Björn Nyberg who runs the dynamic Open Jam Session project. This was the beginning of a long collaboration. Soon after the first recordings, Simon joined the jam band Tangle in which Björn played the bass. Tangle existed up until the summer of 2010. During this period, Tangle made music for a documentary film, released some tunes on the Internet and entertained a lot of people at some wild parties. The members of Tangle were Simon Jensen, Björn Nyberg, Svenna Granit and Håkan Åkerblom. Other persons who have played with Tangle include Philip Mauritzson, Emma Svensson and Mårten Larsson. Five tunes with Tangle, such as Bazaar and Signum, are all available for download on this website.

Composer and musician Frederick Carrilho. Composer Frederick Carrilho.In September 2009, the Brazilian composer and classical acoustic and electric guitarist Frederick Carrilho visited Simon in Gothenburg. Two weeks of jam sessions, music studies and intense discussions followed, and a lot of experiments were carried out and the constellation Carrilho Jensen Nyberg was founded: Frederick Carrilho, Simon Jensen and Björn Nyberg. Four tunes were recorded an afternoon in Björns studio and during the days that followed Björn played with sound effects and produced some very interesting music which is available for download on this website.

Fingret, ISBN 978-91-978243-4-7, © Trombone, 2011. Poems, 2011.Skämen, ISBN 978-91-976440-9-9, © Trombone, 2009. Poems, 2009. In January 2009 Simon started Blog Off, a hybrid blog, a creative organism that challenges those in power within such different disciplines as science, politics, music and poetry. In December 2009 Simon made his literary debut with a collection of poems called Skämen (a Swedish word for screen, display, monitor, shade, shield), published by Trombone. In December 2011 his second book, Fingret (Swedish word for finger) came out. He has also resumed his work with the book about improvisation. Both Skämen and Fingret are written in Swedish, and you can order it directly from Trombone Webshop.

In August 2009, Simon joined the successful folk-pop band Eileen and he traveled around in Scandinavia with this band for two years. The folk-pop band Eileen on stage at FolkFest in Lidköping, July 2010. Photo: John Block. The folk-pop band Eileen on stage at FolkFest in Lidköping, July 2010. Eileen was the host of FolkFest in Lidköping, an annual two-day folk festival by the beautiful lake Vänern, in the middle of Sweden. At the end of 2010, the band released a live album, recorded at FolkFest 2010, with 13 songs, such as the traditional tune The Weaver (renamed by the band). The members of Eileen were Simon Jensen, Mikael Ingebäck, Susanne Staberg, Andreas Eriksson, Erland Hofgaard and Robin Wernebratt.
EILEEN: Eileen Live at FolkFest 2010, Eileen Events, 2010. Cover design: Sebastian Didier. Eileen Live at FolkFest 2010,
Eileen Events, 2010.

Obviously, Simon Jensen continues his musical and poetic journey. In October 2011 he started a new project with Mats Götherskjöld, a well-known guitarist and singer in Gothenburg. Their duo was called Advokatbyrån Götherskjöld & Jensen and its focus was mainly free improvisation and intense live performances. During 2011 and 2012, Simon played with his own jazz band as well as Advokatbyrån Götherskjöld & Jensen and as a soloist in various constellations. Since 2013 he has had a break from live performances, and he is working on several books simultaneously.

Inverted Dice™In 2013, Simon Jensen started the company OffCircle which will be taking up most of his time in the future. In April 2014, OffCircle launched the first online version of the game Inverted Dice™ which introduces a new way of interpreting dice rolls. In December 2016, this trailer was released:

Inverted Dice™ is probably the toughest dice game in the world. It requires a strategic mind, and you'll need to train in order to become a skilled player. Visit and play the game for free.