I have been writing since my early youth – first self-published poetry in Danish, later published poetry and teaching material in Swedish. In recent years, I have also (as copywriter) produced technical papers in English. Furthermore, I have experience of proofreading.

The books presented on this page are all in Swedish.

About copywriting

A copywriter is good at text. A skillful copywriter is also good at experiencing, extensively observing reality, and use it in the text. An expert copywriter, in addition, makes sure to become a specialist in the topic the text deals with. This is, quite simply, the only way to ensure that the information flows smoothly and gives maximum communicative effect.

Copywriting is highly demanding and stimulating work. Are you in need of real text?  Contact meAre you in need of real text? Send a message to


I have taught programming for many years. So far, this has resulted in a book about C++ and a small e-booklet about Python.


Before you download

This work is protected by Swedish Law (1960:729) regarding copyrights of literary and artistic works. Editing the document (including extending and/or reducing the content or parts of it) is prohibited.

The document may be used freely for private reading. The document may also be printed as a whole in connection with education, and the text or parts of it may be used as instructional material provided that the author (Simon K. Jensen) is being mentioned.

Other forms of replication and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

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En ultrakort introduktion till Python (2021)

This e-book was written in connection with a teaching assignment and published in collaboration with Göteborgs Tekniska College. The book gives a compact (but theoretically correct) introduction to the programming language Python. It is free to download and use for educational purposes.
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C++ på riktigt (2019)

From the publisher's website (translated): With entertaining allegories, detailed explanations, and precise code examples, as well as a few illustrations, it is shown how some of the most abstract concepts are connected. The book requires no prior knowledge other than an open mind and a little patience.
From a review in BTJ-häftet (translated): The explanations are uncomplicated and comprehensive … C++ på riktigt is useful as course literature at high school and college level, but of course also for self-study. The book ends with a number of appendices, advice on further development opportunities and a detailed index.
BTJ's overall rating: 4 (out of 5).
BTJ's overall rating: 4 (out of 5).
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Product sheet (in Swedish):
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Quite some time ago, I wrote two collections of poems (in Swedish). They got well received with some nice reviews (most of these have now disappeared from the internet, but a few links remain, see below).

I still have some copies of Fingret (it means the finger). Send an email if you are interested. As for Skärmen (it means the screen), it should be possible to order via Bokus, or possibly directly from the publisher.

Fingret (2011)

From the publisher's website (translated): Fingret is the sequel to Skärmen from 2009. In this new punk-poetry collection, Simon Jensen continues to breathe fire and brimstone over our time's takedown of vital concepts such as togetherness, solidarity and love. We humans are described as the animals we are. Fingret is political and raw. It's a fun book. But at the same time, it's violent, provocative and perverse. Strictly forbidden for children.

Skärmen (2009)

From the publisher's website (translated): Skärmen is the musician Simon Jensen's critically acclaimed literary debut. Shocking, raw, sad, funny. It is a collection of animalistic poems – critical of civilization – where the overarching theme is death and destruction. But hope and love is just around the corner.

Reviews etc. (in Swedish)

Most reviews have now disappeared from the internet (it has been some years, after all). Below you will find a few links that have survived.

C++ på riktigt

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