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I was born in 1973 in Copenhagen. My parents were children of their time, and I remember my first years in one of the strongholds of Danish hippie culture, the district of Brumleby. In the seventies, these apartments had no bathrooms and only shared toilets in the yard. But the area was completely car-free, so we children could run around and play as we wanted (and so could the adults, by all means).

Just before I was to start school, we moved to the countryside in a small remote municipality in Jutland. I grew up surrounded by farmers and got to see the daily chores being dictated by the seasons. When it was harvest time, everyone got up extra early and worked until late in the evening. During the winter there was more free time. We children drove tractors in the fallow fields and built huts in the forest. We played in barns, machine halls and stables, and when it was snowing, we went sledding on the many slopes that are common in this part of the country.

I quickly learned to read, and the imaginative world of books got a lot of space during the rest of my childhood. At the same time, I loved singing, and I loved homework. However, my relationship with primary school as an institution was ambivalent. On the one hand I wanted to learn as much as I could, on the other hand I was an unprincipled prankster who loved to provoke the teachers and cause all kinds of problems. I thought the teaching pace was too low, and everyday life at school was usually boring – so I spiced it up with various mischiefs. I had little respect for authorities (and I still don’t, for better or worse).

During my early teen years, I was basically ready to run away. I remember that I wanted to get out and see the world, experience the world. But my young age prevented me from doing this. Instead, I fantasized about my future, and I had several fictional life stories to choose from when the everyday life became too grey.

As soon as I turned 18, I dropped out of high school, moved to the city Aarhus, and started looking for exciting people. Within a couple of years, I realized that there were plenty of such individuals both at the university and in the music industry.

A human being consists of several (partially overlapping) parts. Below is a brief presentation of what I consider to be my most important parts.

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+ The math part

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+ The programming part

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+ The music part

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+ The text part

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+ The graphical part

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