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I started the problem-solving agency OffCircle in the summer of 2006, and the company existed until October 2021. From the beginning, the aim was to bring together a number of creative experts from different fields to be able to offer solutions to advanced technical problems and find new exciting ways to present information. Our four imperative pillars were theoretical rigor, technical creativity, linguistic elegance, and visual intensity.


During the first years, there was also the subsidiary Internet Institute, whose business concept was review and quality assurance of web applications. For a long time, the business was run in the form of a sole proprietorship, but in January 2018, everything was gathered under the company OffCircle AB, which came to exist for almost four years, of which one and a half was during the corona crisis (which reduced my desire to continue).

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Among OffCircle's customers were KTH, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, RISE, SVT, Lernia, ABF, Gothenburg Technical College, GTG, Folkteatern, as well as a large number of smaller companies and organizations in the areas of literature, art, film, IT and education.

OffCircle worked with web development, programming, film, photography, layout, text and teaching. This has given me a lot of experience with the following:

These competences remain (and I still run a one-person business). Please see my resumé for more information.

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