Let me first say that I have no formal education in the graphic field, and I do not claim to be an expert in UI or particularly artistic when it comes to the visual area. However, I have a good eye for geometric shapes and balance, and I am good at seeing what works and what doesn't. During my many years as a web developer, I repeatedly got caught up in tasks that required design skills, and I have worked extensively with layout of both printed and digital products. This has given me solid knowledge of Adobe's package  —  especially InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator  —  and greatly increased my awareness of form and color.

The verb "hate" is possibly a bit too strong, so let me instead state that I wholeheartedly despise the modern style that goes by the names Big Tech Art, Corporate Memphis, and others. It is a graphic style that with its autogenerated, superficial, and faceless dolls can, at best, be described as completely meaningless and, at worst, directly harmful to our perceptual abilities. In short, I believe that mass produced images without life and/or motion are evil.

For both practical and copyright reasons, I do not want to post a huge portfolio here, so I hope the selection of drafts and ideas that were never used (see below) will suffice to show how I think, graphically. For me, it often comes down to exploiting the tension inherent in crookedness and in the interaction between symmetry and asymmetry, whether it is abstract shapes or recognizable motifs.

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