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I find dice fascinating — particularly the fact that they can be interpreted in so many different ways. After Inverted Dice, I was searching for more new ways to use dice, and in doing so, I began to explore the ancient symbols that the sides of the dice themselves represent. It struck me that 6 resembles an army, and then it was natural to let 1 be a king. The idea behind Two Domains was born.

In this two-player dice game, you control a medieval domain. Your goal is to wipe out your opponent. Build a strong domain with kingly authority, military vigilance, and cultural consensus. Avoid civil war, political turmoil, and cultural dissonance. In short, crown a king, raise one or more armies, found a capital, and initiate battles.

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Ten dice, that’s all you need to play the game, and this minimalistic setup is practical. Just keep a handful of dice in your pockets. Thus, whenever you meet a like-minded, you are ready to play.

Two Domains is best played in a tent or a cabin, in candlelight or moonlight, in a bar, on a summer day, on a boat, outside, or at least somewhere far away from internet and the forged, artificial and algorithm-controlled pseudo-world that the social media corporations have built for us. Human interaction is necessary for the game to be fun.

However, if you want to learn the game, use the online version below to develop your strategic skills.

Feel free to modify or extend the rules, if you want even more fun.

+ Play the game online

Your opponent here is a primitive algorithm with the name Algot (from Old Norse). It is always you who goes first. A typical game against Algot has 25 to 80 rounds. And remember, Algot is rather stupid. When you can beat him every time, it means you know the rules, and you are ready to challenge a real person instead. Happy playing!

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