Mixed texts

I have half a bookshelf filled with all kinds of ideas and drafts  —  essays, opinion pieces, short stories, poems, songs, and some technical stuff. The list below will grow, but it will take the time it takes.

I primarily write in Swedish and English, but occasionally there may be a piece in Danish as well. The language is indicated with small flags in the list.

Before you download

All works that can be downloaded here are protected by Swedish Law (1960:729) and international laws concerning copyrights of literary and artistic works. Editing the documents (including extending and/or reducing their content) is prohibited. The documents may be used freely for private reading. The documents may also be printed in connection with education, and their content may be used as instructional material provided that the author (Simon K. Jensen) is credited and applicable rules regarding compensation for the use of copyrighted works are applied. Other forms of replication and/or distribution are strictly prohibited.

OK, I got it!